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To begin your health and wellness journey


Alexandra, Mikailah, and Gloria

Our three naturopathic doctors are excited to get to know you and your children, and walk with you on a path to holistic health and wellbeing.

To book with Dr. Alexandra Demetro, ND, LM Click Here

To book with Dr. Mikailah Grover, ND, Click Here

To book with Dr. Gloria Rangelova, ND call or text 925-451-6185


Cassi and Chris 

Our Chiropractors look forward to getting to know your body's needs and creating an individualized treatment to aid your wellbeing and recovery

To book with Dr. Cassi Long DC or Dr. Chris Gosselin DC, Click Here


Karen, Ty, and Bry

Our massage therapists use their therapeutic touch and compassionate hands to promote balance and tranquility.

To schedule with Karen Callaway, LMT, call or text 360-980-2162

For a FREE massage with massage therapists in training:

Click Here to schedule with Ty

Click Here to schedule with Bry

Home Births

Alexandra and Alison

Our providers can care for you during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We are grateful to walk by your side through motherhood.

To book with Licensed Midwife Dr. Alexandra Demetro, ND, LM Click Here

To book with Nurse Midwife Alison Milionis, CNM Click Here

Women's Health


Midwifery care doesn't start or end with maternity care. Our midwives can provide full scope functional women's healthcare to meet all your body's needs.

To book with Alison Milionis, CNM Click Here

IV Therapy


Speak with your provider about whether IV therapy might be a recommended adjunctive treatment to include in your health and wellness protocols.


To book with Ashley Stark, RN, text or call 360-798-5348

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